The procurement process is gumming up the works for Florida’s public safety radio upgrade. 

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…Legislature strikes infrastructure and housing deal — The latest deal struck between legislative leaders is a proposal to two-thirds of split documentary stamp taxes intended to fund affordable housing between combating sea level rise and distributing wastewater grants. The final third would still go to affordable housing but with an extra provision stating those dollars can no longer be swept into the general fund. Sadowski affordable housing dollars have been swept nearly every year since the 2008 Recession. On average, affordable housing funds only receive a combined $160 million, but that would fall to $141 million for the current fiscal year under the plan. Democrats liken the deal to a permanent sweep. “We’re not sweeping,” responded House Agriculture and Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee Chair Josie Tomkow. “We’re redirecting for critical issues.”…

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